AW 2019-20

An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx collaborated with New York based photographer and filmmaker Steven Sebring, known for his distinctive 4K generated images, on a digital project for Autumn-Winter ‘19 eschewing the idea of the traditional fashion show. The collection will be presented in a contemporary and energetic way through interactive images giving life to a short film during Paris Fashion Week.


A.F.VANDEVORST are known for their many collaborations, unique installations and artistic pursuits through the years.Their love for visual art, music, literature and their interest in cultural archetypes and uniforms has been an inspiration since the brand’s beginning. An and Filip have always been about creating and curating art and fashion in an authentic way. This resulted in a collaboration with artist Steven Sebring to present their Autumn-Winter ‘19 collection, opting for an alternative, modern and forward thinking way to reimagine the traditional catwalk show. From the moment they got in contact with Steven and his team they were immediately in love with his revolutionary ideas on visualisation and the digital opportunity to reach the globe in a new way. With over 20 years in the fashion and film industries, SEBRING REVOLUTION brings bold creative concepts together with state-of-the-art technology to create innovative, cutting edge media and content. For the project with A.F.VANDEVORST, Sebring used his inventive camera system to capture the inspiration and true beauty of the collection without the use of CGI (computer-generated imagery), resulting in 3D holographic images in the round that can be shown as video or in holographic form.


The AW19 collection is inspired by a dynamic woman, a winter nomad who spends most of her time outside. She grew up in the countryside and as a result enjoys the freedom of wide and loose garments, paired with sturdy boots, that give her the comfort to be out and about at all times. Playing with her family’s wardrobe and making them her own, she transforms and twists the garments to her needs and taste. Her mother’s big skirts are adjusted with uneven pleats around the waist to make them tighter without losing the volume at the bottom and airy feeling given by the abundance of fabric. She quilts some of the skirts to face the cold outdoors and pads her father’s oversized men’s shirt to create her own version of a puffer jacket, while dreaming about warm and exotic destinations. This girl grows into a strong-willed woman, an urban warrior who mixes country details such as contrast piping and rodeo accessories, from flowers and checks to raw denim with pretty gowns and silk blouses, as a reminder of her roots and energetic nature.

afvandevorst 2019-20