AW 2015-16

After meeting Mario Testino for the first time, we shortly there-after decided to go to Peru for our winter holidays. When we met him and Jan in Lima, we explained our ideas for the new collection. At one point, Jan, very excitedly called out “Mario! Mario! Did you hear? You know what they’re going to do? They’re planning to make an entire collection based on Peruvian silhouettes and textures, but they’re going to take out all of the color and make it in only shades of grey!”

To which Mario replied, “Of course darling. What did you expect? They’re Belgian!”

afvandevorst 2015-16 afvandevorst 2015-16 afvandevorst 2015-16 afvandevorst 2015-16

Performance Part II. Remains of the white-sprayed garments and musical instruments of the show in Paris, Autumn/Winter ’15-’16, were chopped into small objects by artist Joris Van de Moortel, vacuum sealed and sold in the gallery that - for the occasion - was turned into a butcher store: Slagerij Van de Velde.