SS 2011

We were enamored by the idea of all types of armor: chainmail and metal armor, sequined shielding and canvas coverings. We decided to have the canvas painted by an artist. The garments all came in very late; only just arriving the night before the show. She painted the canvas clothes in the courtyard of our showroom, but had to wait to paint the corresponding boots until after we finished our fittings and allocated all final full looks with the assigned right sized shoes to each girl. We left the boots to dry outside overnight. However, when the girls started to arrive in the morning for the dress rehearsal, none of them could fit their shoes any longer. We didn’t understand! When the first girl started complaining, we thought she was acting like a diva and didn’t pay much attention. It was only after the second, third and fourth girl couldn’t get into their boots either that we realized they had shrunk due to the painting. We had to revise most of the looks just a few hours before the show started.

Meanwhile, Filip wanted to have the girls come into the space through a black medieval tent as the runway entrance. He was very focused on the mise en scene and proud that he found this little fabric fortress, but when it was finally delivered it was much smaller than he imagined. Compared to the size of the show space, it was ridiculously little. He tried everything to make the tent work; even adding smoke to try and create some “drama”. With every effort he made, the tent only appeared smaller. Poor Filip, he finally had to dismantle the tent and abdicate his idea.

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