SS 2009

In all of our looks the girls wore thigh-high tights in black with white stockings layered over. However, we didn’t receive enough from the manufacturer, and had our press agent at the time, Corinna, running around Paris, scrambling and searching for this specific white hose with a seam running down the back. It was nearly impossible to find what we had envisioned. For almost two days, she was going all over the place from BHV to lingerie shops, and sex shops in Pigalle, but she finally found them.

For our show soundtrack, we worked with sound designer, Michel Gaubert, who made a remix of Philippe Cataldo’s “Les Divas Du Dancing”. Following the show, we had an after party, but the DJ refused to play our show song so everyone declined to dance. After all of our guests completely withdrew from the dance floor, the DJ gave in and played the 20-minute remix on repeat for the next three hours and we danced all night long.

afvandevorst 2009 afvandevorst 2009 afvandevorst 2009