SS 2008

This collection was shown at Parc Omnisports de Paris Bercy which is a large indoor sports arena and concert hall. The audience was seated on the ground floor level while the models were directed to enter the space from the very top, close to the balcony, with the overwhelming sound of “Burundi Black”; a favorite song of mine from my teenage years. Whenever a DJ was playing this song, it turned me upside down and inside out. The girls were so scared; especially the first ones as all of the attention was focused on them with nothing else to see in the dark as they descended the stairs without looking downward and only a spotlight on them.

The collection was about prettiness and dressing up. We made transparent PVC and silk raincoats and light jersey evening dresses, so we countered the refinement of the collection with the roughness of the soundtrack.

afvandevorst 2008 afvandevorst 2008 afvandevorst 2008