AW 2004-05

This collection was focused on the idea of esteemed women of the Russian elite, wives of officers and people in prominent positions attending an official state banquet. We mainly cast ballerinas and made up their faces in heavy yet striking make-up. Our longtime friend and collaborator, Inge Grognard created veils made of silk organza, pre-molded on wooden dolls with starch, and glued one to each girl’s face, creating a soft and delicate powder-like effect.

Through this full season, we were able express our fascination for uniforms and our love of Russian culture.

The show was incredibly regal. Each model was picked up from backstage individually in a black Lexus and chauffeured round to the entrance of La Grande Halle de la Villette, where a doorman opened the car door, revealing each look as the model stepped out of the car to walk into the glass halls.

Everything about this show was magical. It inspired the MoMU to invite us to curate an exhibition about Russian culture and style: Katharina Prospekt.

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