SS 2001

We decided to create a progression from last season’s collection. We had integrated nylon stockings into the collection to emphasize femininity, and we created an ode to our fascination with hosiery.

Since I was a teenager I’ve been attracted to the allure of vintage silk stockings and how they were made in the old days. I have scoured flea markets for them. Part of the fascination is in the packaging. They used to be sold in beautifully crafted boxes and enveloped in layers of delicate silk papers. The other part of the charm is found in the fragility: it’s a garment that could only be worn once before getting damaged.

Inside the gymnasium of a school we fastened a black nylon gauze box separating the audience from the models and so created the illusion of looking through a veil, to view a collection colored in all tones of nude.

afvandevorst 2001 afvandevorst 2001 afvandevorst 2001