AW 2001-02

We were inspired by religion, boarding schools, the elements of decency and the phenomenon of “keeping up appearances” to the outside world.

We had a lot of strict suiting in this collection; focusing on le tailleur, and gowns inspired by the crisp white cotton shirting found in clerical clothing and uniforms. We also had small accessories featuring elements of rosaries; the first introduction of our Relics line.

The show was installed in a big parking garage in which we created a labyrinth of curtains through which the models moved to the flamboyancy of disco singer Sylvester’s “I Need Somebody To Love Tonight”. We selected this song because my brother, Nico, found an unmarked cassette and left it with us. At the time we were looking for our show music we found this cassette. Not knowing what was on it, we put it into the cassette player and there was this song. It sounded just perfect, and we kept playing it on repeat over and over again.

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