In December 2009, A.F.Vandevorst launched the first of their guerrilla store projects, AKTION I. Journeying through different cities around Belgium, it was installed in unoccupied spaces such as former boutiques, bakeries and launderettes before leaving to relocate again for others to discover the collections in an environment where all senses are enveloped in and enfolded into their tales.

As an extension of A.F's traveling guerrilla store concept, they created a distilled shop installation, tying together visual elements alongside ideas that illustrate the concept behind the A.F.Vandevorst brand.

The Smallest Traveling Store In The World by Belgian Fashion Designer Duo A.F.Vandevorst

Ultimately exporting the A.F.Vandevorst image to a smaller scale, the installation TSTSITW (The Smallest Traveling Store In The World) allowed for the observer and customer alike to wander into the world that is theirs. The installation began with a hospital bed as the central focus. Connected to the bed was a screen with a mirror, a rack to hold pieces from the season's collection, a closet, and antique infirmary furnishings, including a closet, antique dentist lamp, cabinet and television; evoking a sense of straying into a patient's room at a hospital; reinforcing our interest, in institutional symbols and wards.

After unveiling the touring installation at Dover Street Market in London, the expandable and retractable construction continued to travel on a journey to the Netherlands, back to London, to New York followed by Montreal, before returning back to Belgium through Prague, Czech Republic.

This makeshift medical center allowed for A.F.Vandevorst to show their designs in a unique and special atmosphere invoking the spirit of their visual tale and creating a new sensory experience.

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