Since the very first season, I worked with this great shoemaker company.
During our 22 year journey they became my shoe design relatives.

Let me introduce you to my Italian family.



Il padre Giovanni

The wise and experienced Maestro, the founder and son of la Nonna. The one who never says no and accepts every challenge. Although he recently retired, he is always around.


La Mamma Rosanna

The wife of il Maestro, chief of the sewing department and as a real mamma needs to be, she is the chief of the Maestro as well!


La Nonna Maria Nucci

La madre della famiglia, the patron saint of the family. She is 96 years old and a darling sweetheart. I cannot visit the company without seeing her. Every time when I ask her how she’s doing she says “insomma”, which basically means “well…”.


Mio Fratello Francesco

 The young Maestro, the only one of the family who speaks English, who continues the generation of shoemaking and who took care of the next generation as well, the little cuty Maria Sole. I know him since he was a little child himself.


Mio Fratello Federico

 The Benjamin of the family who after a journey of artschools and living abroad returned to la famiglia and opened his own  tattoo business next to the shoe factory.  La Mamma has a small tattoo of a rose on her right wrist.

They all live at the compound of the factory.

And then there is Uncle Benito

Maestro of leather, not genetically a family member but considered to be part of   La Famiglia.

I met all of them 28 years ago during my work as the assistant of Dries and continued with them when we started our own brand.

I visited them twice a year, worked hard but also enjoyed the Italian food, eating at their home or in the many incredible places at the beach.

They truly are the greatest people to work with and I will always consider them as


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